Le nylon, l'éveil des sens

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Le nylon, l'éveil des sens

Les bas nylon ou l'éveil des sens. Et si, on commençait par l'incroyable sensation d'un bas nylon mouillé sur la peau.

Les prétextes pour ne pas quitter ses bas nylon ne manquent pas. Parmi les plus déplacés, se baigner dans une baignoire ou une piscine les jambes gainées de ses bas. Il est bon de découvrir la sensation de ce voile de nylon mouillé sur la jambe.

Parfois, il se détend, laissant passer une fine couche d'air entre la peau et la maille provoquant des frissons à chaque mouvement. Quant à un autre moment, le bas se contracte comme aspiré par la jambe pour ne faire plus qu'un. Il y a des expériences si simple à tenter pour avoir le sourire aux coins des lèvres.



Créé sur mercredi, janvier 29, 2020 Posté par 6Eighty6 Man Comment Link
The way you reach out with your manicured nails as you turn on the faucet...playfully feeling the water to see how warm or cold it is....leading up to you disrobing as your skirt falls down to your ankles while your stockings are wrinkled around you calves and ankles. From there, you stand beside the tube, tip-toeing up and down on your toes as you anticipate the bath you are about to take. The removal of the rest of your clothing, that leather wrap, showing your ample cleavage, daring my mind to look, wondering how delicious your breasts must be. That playful smile you give as you look back over your shoulder, knowing that you are seducing your fans with your elegance, grace and charm. Captivating those that dare to stare as you wiggle your stocking clad toes under the faucet and then as you life your legs up out of the water, showing a delicate, well-proportioned leg, ankle and foot. And at the end, showing how tasteful that tattoo is on your ankle, how simple yet puzzling to those like me that wonder why you bothered to get the tattoo in the first place, if only to mesmerize those that look at your legs encased in real stockings.

I have to tell you that I watched this video and it took my breath away because it speaks soo much to the fetish that I have. You covered the perfect encounter that I would ever want with a beautiful woman that would indulge my fantasy of what you did in this video. You seduced my mind, every little movement that you made was like a hot fireplace poker stabbing me in my collective reasoning about how gorgeous you are, and how feeble an attempt this might be considered to comment on your wonderful body. You are in my estimation, the hottest woman on the internet right now for your beauty, you're playful way that you have in wanting to pose for us, your fans. I am sure that I speak for a lot of your fans that this video is pure sexual seductiveness in 2 minute and 54 second long video. You are just a wonderful treasure to all of us, your fans and we thank you for sharing yourself with all of us. A wonderful video that I will not be ashamed to say that I will enjoy later tonight, over and over in the coming weeks and months.

You are simply gorgeous and I could devour you like a full course meal....and ask for seconds.... You are my Goddess Fantasy of which I think about often, with a wonderful smile on my face.
Créé sur lundi, janvier 27, 2020 Posté par alain guemas Comment Link
très jolie pour les yeux bise
Créé sur lundi, janvier 27, 2020 Posté par Raoul Comment Link
Une sensation reste sous la douche. Une bonne sensation. Il faudra que je teste dans un bain.

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